With our new products, we react to the changes in modern office environments, developing flexible solutions for the interior design of informal work-related areas. The main reason for our success are the people who share our passion for a future-oriented design of our living space.

Our accomplishments are a testimony to the fact that we work tirelessly to constantly reinvent ourselves. On this account, we have completely revamped our corporate image in the past few months and raised the brand’s profile.

With a new online presence, our new logo, new colour schemes and renewed vigour, we are upbeat about our future – always keeping our values and our know-how that we gained throughout the company’s 80-year history in mind.

For three generations now, we at Kusch+Co develop, create and manufacture individual seating and interior design solutions. Our driving force are the needs and wishes of every single user; it is for them that we go the extra mile and take on new challenges day after day.

High quality is in our blood – we live and breathe our corporate motto – be it with regard to the R&D of our furniture, to the responsible management of the company or to the respectful relationship and communication with our staff and partners. And design means more to us than simply beautiful aesthetics. A product reaches perfection through the professional interplay of craftsmanship and a creative design process.

We are precise – in everything we do. Our products are cleverly devised and well-thought-out down to the last screw. We never stop to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions, and we are dissatisfied if the product is less than perfect. That is why we work with the greatest care and accuracy.

We are bold: we start where others give up. We know our strengths, and are therefore unafraid to explore new avenues. We do not know problems. We only see challenges.

We are mindful: we listen to our customers before we counsel them and work out seating configurations. We take the actual room’s layout into consideration and comply with all legal requirements with the aim of offering our customers entirely new seating and interior design concepts – after all, our objective is to offer the best possible solution.

We perceive ourselves as a company that reinvents and improves seating and seating configurations bit by bit. That is our drive – day after day. Or in short: shaping the way we sit.